game of thrones telltale games video game 'Game of Thrones' video game from Telltale is sure to be fantasticIf the rumors are true, Telltale Games is hard at working crafting a video game for “Game of Thrones.” While a “Game of Thrones” RPG game and Facebook game have already been released, a title from Telltale would be hands down the best way for a viewer to become a part of the world of Westeros.

According to IGN, Telltale is in fact working on a “Game of Thrones” video game. The company says, “Officially we have no comment,” but hopefully the excitement this reveal generates will be enough to solidify the idea if it wasn’t already. Consider this a rumor for now, but one we are so excited about that we’ll get riled up about as if it was actually true.
The reason for our excitement? Telltale’s previous big name title, “The Walking Dead.” That game was named Game of the Year at the Spike Video Game Awards after being released in 2012, and created a truly fascinating experience being a part of the world of “The Walking Dead.”
While many games carry you through a story where your course is set, “The Walking Dead” game from Telltale asks the player to make decisions that greatly impact the story. An ally will die because you didn’t make this choice, or an opportunity won’t arise because you didn’t make that one. And in a move fitting for a “Game of Thrones” tale, the ending for “The Walking Dead” game was not a happy one.
Telltale is currently developing a Season 2 “The Walking Dead” game, and that’s worthy of some major excitement in its own right. But taking the winning formula of that title and applying it to the world of “Game of Thrones”? The possibilities are endless. The HBO series and George R.R. Martin books are rife with situations where a characters’s actions create repercussions they didn’t foresee, and for a player to have that power in their hands in a game that truly immerses them into Westeros is something any “Game of Thrones” fan should desire.
But, again, this isn’t confirmed yet, and we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Does this news get you as excited as we are?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz