gangster squad new release date 'Gangster Squad' getting pushed back for reshoots in wake of Aurora murdersWarner Bros. is likely to push back the release of its movie “Gangster Squad” to make time for reshoots brought on by last week’s movie-theater mass murder in Aurora, Colo.

The movie, about the face-off between gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and the police in 1940s Los Angeles, was set to be released on Sept. 7. Following the shooting at a “Dark Knight Rises” screening in Colorado, the studio pulled a trailer featuring a shootout in a movie theater and is planning reshoots to eliminate the scene.

The most likely date at the moment, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is Jan. 11. That’s not set in stone, though, and will depend in part on how quickly the cast — which also includes Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and Nick Nolte — can be brought back together.

The trailer, which was released online in May, shows a scene in which four members of Cohen’s gang open fire with machine guns from behind the screen at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. In the wake of the Aurora tragedy, though, the studio has decided to cut the scene — which was part of the movie’s climax — altogether and come up with something else.

Posted by:Rick Porter