gary coleman hat Gary Coleman joke at Donald Trump roast: Too soon, too insensitive, too unfunnyRoasts are supposed to be funny, right? It seems that everyone who attended Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast bombed spectacularly. We all cringed through The Situation’s drunken, self-congratulatory mess-fest, and were relieved when Jeffrey Ross intervened and put the Jersey bore out of his misery.

Except, it turns out that Ross was kind of a tool, too. Was there any reason to bring up Gary Coleman at a Donald Trump event? The man lived 42 years and never even resorted to a “Celebrity Apprentice” appearance. Can’t we just let him rest in peace?

“He died of multiple aneurysms, which is a little like diff’rent strokes,” Ross says.

Um… maybe we’ll laugh later. Or not.

Trump says he agreed to the roast for charity’s sake — and he even poked fun at himself during the event. “Maybe you’ve heard this one. What’s the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald Trump’s hair?” he asked the audience. “A wet raccoon doesn’t have seven billion f—ing dollars in the bank.”


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie