gary coleman shannon price Gary Coleman thought Shannon Price was obsessed with money

In 2008, shortly before Gary Coleman and Shannon Price began divorce proceedings, the couple shot a reality show pilot in which they visited a life coach to try to work on their marriage. TMZ has obtained the clip, where Coleman complains that he’s over-worked to support Price’s expensive tastes.

“I’m very outgoing and very sociable. I love to be meeting new people all the time and just hanging out,” Price says.

“I’m not a social butterfly. People will hurt you and steal from you beat you down and take from you whatever you give them a chance to. It’s as real as the earth itself to me,” Coleman says.

]]> “I have to go to places like Madison Wisconsin for an appearance at the Mallards game to continue to make make any kind of money,” he continues, obviously frustrated. Price tells him to be nice, but he retorts, “I can’t be nice because they’re cheapskates. ‘You’re Gary Coleman, you’re my idol, oh I don’t want to pay you.'” Coleman says he’s worked jobs he hated for Price. “All you care about is the money. That’s all you want. The love for Gary keeps fading away because you believe that Gary doesn’t want to support you.” On the other hand, Price replies, “Money isn’t everything. It’s not,” before the life coach stops them. Coleman died Wednesday, May 26 after suffering brain injury from a fall at home. His manager Dion Mal believes that ex-wife Price sold Coleman’s deathbed photos to make some extra cash.
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie