gary coleman shannon price video Did Gary Coleman's ex Shannon Price sell deathbed pics?Nothing says “grieving widow” like posing for photos with your dying husband and selling them to the tabloids.

Gary Coleman‘s ex-manager Dion Mial is calling out Gary’s ex-wife Shannon Price for selling photos of Gary’s last living moments — connected to life support — and trying to sell one taken moments after the plug was pulled — to an unspecified  tabloid. 

Shannon’s rep denies the report. But Shannon’s in some of the photos, playing the distraught widow, and according to TMZ, she gets a big chunk of the cash.

]]>statement to, Mial calls Gary’s death “mysterious” and then some:
“In light of  Shannon Price’s ongoing desperate attempts to profit from the mysterious death of her ‘beloved husband,’ by way of the sale and/or distribution of pre or post mortem ‘death photos,’ moment-to-moment television interviews for pay, video tours of her former home, Gary Coleman’s personal effects, photographs, or any items that have been removed from the home, without the written consent of a special administrator for or the executor of the Coleman estate,  I emphatically request that all solicitations from Shannon, or from any individual holding themselves out as her representative, be categorically denied and refused.” Let’s hope they cremate the poor little dude soon. Next thing will be Gary Coleman body parts for sale. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits: Access Hollywood video

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead