Gary Oldman was richly deserving of his Oscar nomination for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” but we’d argue this video from Thursday’s (Feb. 3) “Jimmy Kimmel Live” makes nearly as strong a case for his acting prowess.

Oldman reads a recap of “Jersey Shore” for the “Live” audience and manages to keep a straight face for the entire two minutes or so that he’s on stage. That, ladies and gentlemen, is concentration.

(We should also note that though Oldman has a lovely British accent, hearing the antics of the “JS” crew read by a Brit doesn’t really make them seem more classy.)

Also, you haven’t really lived until you hear Oldman enunciate words like “J-WOWW” and “booger.” We know Oldman’s appearance with Kimmel won’t have any bearing on the Oscar race at all, but we’re kind of rooting for him a little more now.

Posted by:Rick Porter