gatorade controversial ingredient removed gi Gatorade ingredient brominated vegetable oil being removed after complaintsAfter consumers made their voices heard, Gatorade will change its formula, according to PepsiCo Inc. The Associated Press reports that the company will be removing the ingredient brominated vegetable oil from their line of sports drinks.

Molly Carter, a spokeswoman for the company, says the removal has been in the works for a year, after they began to hear customer dissatisfaction. The company denies that the change was made in response to an online petition that was quickly gaining steam, which claims the additive is a patented flame retardant.

Gatorade uses the ingredient as an “emulsifier,” which means it distributes the flavor evenly throughout the drink. While it is legal to use in the U.S., brominated vegetable oil has been banned for use in foods in Europe, Japan, and India.

Gatorade isn’t the only one using the ingredient in its formula. Rival drink Powerade, made by the Coca-Cola company, uses it in some of their flavors as well. They have not said whether they will also be removing the ingredient, but noted they do listen to customer concerns about their drinks.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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