gavin degraw gi Gavin DeGraw discusses brutal attack: 'I still look like my mother'“One Tree Hill” theme song singer Gavin DeGraw was walking home from the NYC bar he owns on August 8 when he was unexpectedly attacked by three men after an unpleasant exchange of words.

DeGraw, who was on tour with Train and Maroon 5, had a night off. “I met up with some friends at the bar I own with
my brother. We had a few drinks. I put my friends in a cab and I walked
home because I live pretty close,” he tells People, opening up about the attack for the first time (unless you count tweets from the hospital). “I remember maybe three guys said something to me and I didn’t appreciate
it, and I guess I let them know I didn’t appreciate it. They weren’t
exactly on the debate team, so I ended up with a tube down my throat.”

While DeGraw’s brother claimed that DeGraw was only drinking cranberry juice that night, DeGraw says that’s not the case. “I can’t say I was drunk. I know I had a few drinks with friends,” he says.

We can’t help but wonder why he was asked about drinking that night, as he wasn’t driving, and judging by his injuries — including a severe concussion and eye, nose, and cheek fractures — he was hardly any match for the three men who jumped him. But that’s neither here nor there.

DeGraw plans to rejoin the tour on Wednesday night, though he admits to being nervous about singing now that his swollen nose has changed his breathing a bit. “I’m not living in fear,” he clarifies. “It was a terrible night for me,
but fortunately I got through it. I still look like my mother, and
onward and upward.”

Listen to DeGraw’s latest single below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie