gavin macleod captain speaking Gavin MacLeod 'This Is Your Captain Speaking': 'The Love Boat,' suicide and alcoholism“This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life” is the new memoir from Gavin MacLeod, in which “The Love Boat” icon name drops major Hollywood stars and opens up about his alcoholism and suicidal tendencies.

“The big stars are the best,” MacLeod writes of working on “The Love Boat.” “I pinched myself every single day.”
He also provides personal anecdotes about Robert Redford, Cary Grant and Bette Davis, among other Hollywood heavyweights.
A slump later in MacLeod’s career, around the time he appeared on TV’s “McHale’s Navy” lead the actor into heavy drinking, which he eventually gave up in the early 1970s. “I never craved another drink,” he writes of his newfound sobriety. “I see people get drunk in front of me and I feel compassion for them. I celebrate life sober.” 
Macleod also celebrates life as a “grateful” born again Christian, and says he will only work on projects with a Christ-centered theme, like 2008’s “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.” “That’s the only thing I want to do now,” he writes. “There’s a great purpose to doing those films. Nothing else interests me.”
In “This is Your Captain” speaking, MacLeod digs deep into the details of his broken marriages, including his divorce and remarriage to actress Patti Steele. He also details a near suicide during his darker days.
The book is available in stores and online now.
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