Gayle King (aka Oprah Winfrey’s BFF) has some interesting insight into the recent news that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair (or possibly “affairs”) and fathered an illegitimate child almost a decade ago. King and Maria Shriver had been friends since the eighties when both were working as local news reporters.
“It’s heartbreaking to me,” King says on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live.” “Was I surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a baby with a maid? Yeah, I was surprised. I was stunned and disappointed.”
King says Shriver had already been tipped that the news of her husband’s love child was going to break before her scheduled appearance on Winfrey’s farewell spectacular.
“Everyone thought, ‘Is she going to come? Is she going to come tomorrow?’ Not only did she come, she came, she showed up, she did the part,” King explains. 
“This is the thing: At one point in the script she’s thanking Oprah for wisdom and truth and she paused a little bit,” she continues. “And what’s so great is the whole audience – 13,000 people – applauded. It was sort of a lifting of Maria in the United Center. I have to say it was an electrifying moment.”
We already know that we’re upset by the news, but imagine if you had been friends with Shriver for two decades? And while rumors of Schwarzenegger’s philandering has been circulating for years, King says she could never have imagined it could have been this bad.
“The more you hear about the story, the sicker I get about it,” she says. “You look at Maria, you know she’s a class act. She’s handling it with such grace, trying to figure out what to do, how to handle it, help the children through. It’s just a very, very difficult time and heartbreaking to see.”
She then nominated the former Calif. governor for host Andy Cohen’s “Jackhole of the Week” and he got it. 
Don’t you think the “honor” is well-earned?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog