sandra bernhard gcb kristin chenoweth 'GCB' finale: Sandra Bernhard is 'Debby Horowitz, eco terrorist'The “GCB” women are in for a real adventure on the Season 1 finale when they journey down to Juarez, Mexico for the groundbreaking ceremony at Carlene’s Condos for Christian Living. Standing in the way of their celebration is guest-star Sandra Bernhard, who tells Zap2it she’s “Debby Horowitz, eco-terrorist,” as if she’s an FBI agent identifying herself.

“I play Debby Horowitz, an eco-conservationist-terrorist who takes the GCBs hostage when they go to Juarez for Carlene’s charity,” says Bernhard. “And I put a stop to it. I kidnap the girls and hold them hostage in the middle of the Mexican desert. They don’t know what hit them until they sign a release for the sacred native turf and I take off and they’re left behind. They manage to free themselves from their shackles and run off into the desert.”

Robert Harling, the creator of “GCB,” was the one who recruited Bernhard for the role, which she says she read and was like, “This is genius.”

“It’s really fun, it’s tongue in cheek,” says Bernhard. “It’s a perfect kind of season finale for the girls … I’ve been really lucky over the years to go shows that I think are high quality and really capture the times, from ‘Roseanne’ on out. And this is one of those shows that has its finger on the pulse of where we’re at, with the hypocrisy of religion.”

“Everyone’s being so self-righteous at church and then walking out the front door and letting everyone else have it,” Bernard continues. “I think it’s very timely, very smart and funny, and incredibly well-written … If you look at the show and [think it’s bashing on Christianity], you definitely are one of the GCBs.”

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