mark deklin miriam shor gcb 'G.C.B.'s' Mark Deklin, Miriam Shor talk Blake, Cricket and AmandaWarning: Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode yet

One of the most interesting aspects of the “G.C.B” premiere was Amanda’s (Leslie Bibb) under-the-table glance at Blake (Mark Deklin) touching his ranch hand’s leg. The fact that Blake is gay wasn’t directly addressed yet, but Deklin and Miriam Shor, who plays his wife Cricket, tell Zap2it that it will be one of the main storylines of Season 1, as well as Blake’s friendship with Amanda and how Cricket feels about that.

“Blake’s friendship with Amanda, that’s a potential threat. Because it’s an emotional connection,” says Deklin.

“His relationship with Amanda, the friendship that’s there is threatening to Cricket,” echoes Shor. “All else that Amanda has done to her in her life pales in comparison to that threat. That’s the threat Amanda should be most aware of if she wants to save her own hide.”

“You see the friendship in action, but you don’t necessarily learn what that background is,” Deklin continues. “[Leslie Bibb and I] played around with some ideas that we probably dated in high school at some point. It didn’t work out, but we became friends, we had a real connection.”

“Everybody loves Blake. He has managed to operate in this world and still
maintain a goodness,” adds Shor. “He and I have known each other forever and we bonded and became friends
at an early age. It turned into a love and then we created this
partnership with this very real love. It’s not typical in any way. The
writers have created this amazing relationship between Cricket and her
husband that I haven’t really seen explored on television.”

“Cricket’s a tough cookie,” says Deklin. “Blake is one of the few people who sees past her exterior and sees the wounded and lovely woman inside. And that’s who he brings out and connects with. I think it’s the same with Amanda.”

So will we find out whether Cricket knows Blake is gay? And when she found out? The actors tell us episodes two and three will address those very questions, as well as what Amanda saw in the first episode.

“I will tell you that that issue will be addressed and actually not too far in. Within the first half of Season 1 that question with Amanda will be addressed,” says Deklin.

“G.C.B.” airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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