gene simmons shannon tweed gi Gene Simmons' gal Shannon Tweed walks out on Joy Behar: Real or stunt?Joy Behar teased the tense moment on “The View” earlier in the day, but when her HLN interview with Gene Simmons and longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed finally aired in full on June 15, the awkwardness was amplified.

The segment, on YouTube, is full of disagreements until a clip of Alice Cooper discussing the number of women Simmons has slept with in his life sends Tweed over the edge. She says “It’s over” and walks off. But was she talking about the relationship or just the interview?

Behar seems on the fence over whether or not it was a genuine disagreement between the “Family Jewels” stars — or a stunt for the Season 6 premiere for their reality show.

“About to air my @shannonleetweed @genesimmons interview on #HLN,” she wrote on Twitter, Wednesday evening. “Was Shannon’s walk-off a PR stunt or real? Your thoughts?”

Well, you heard her. What do you think?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell