barbara walters special General David Petraeus Tops Barbara Walters special's '10 Most Fascinating' listOh, Barbara Walters, we wish we had your work ethic. While holding down your full-time job at “The View,” you made not one, but two year-end specials for our Thursday night.

So after dishing with fellow interview maven Oprah Winfrey about her post-“Oprah Winfrey Show” plans, the iconic broadcaster had another hour to fill, her annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special. So who made it, and what did they say? Let’s break it down, starting with #10.

Betty White
Beginning their interview with a Proustian questionnaire, Barbara asked Betty to finish the following statement: “Betty White is…” “Overexposed,” exclaimed the 88-year-old comedian. We agree, and we love her for it.

Mark Zuckerberg
Clips from previous Zuckerberg interviews do not an interesting segment make, but Babs had to include the man behind “The Social Network.”

Justin Bieber
Among the highlights from the Biebs’ chat with Barbara: He may soon cut his hair, a song about his life would be called “This Crazy Life” and the amazing scene at the end of the hour when he taught her how to “Dougie.”

The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’
Wit is never far from Walters. When introducing the cast, who were adorably reverent, she said that the interview sort of made up for the fact that she never got to meet Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Eye-roll!

Sandra Bullock
A clip reel of Bullocks’ ups and downs from 2010 may not make her seem any more fascinating, but it sure does make you feel sympathetic.

Jennifer Lopez
Claiming to be a huge fan of “American Idol,” Lopez somehow still thinks that being a judge on the show will somehow afford her “a normal life for seven months.” Oh, Jen, hasn’t anyone told you?

Lebron James
Year-in-review specials aren’t about revisionist history, so we had to rehash the James press conference and ensuing backlash — another entry without a fresh interview.

Kate Middleton
Apparently this girl is getting married or something?

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin tells Barbara that she’ll only run for president if she believes she’ll win. She also believes she could beat President Obama. So basically, she’s running for president.

General David Petraeus
No, she didn’t speak with him, but Patraeus, who assumed comand over the conflict in Iraq during 2010, definitely out-performed the more pop culture friendly entries in the year’s list. Highlighting his military accomplishments and the bipartisan affection Americans have for him was an inspiring way to end the special.

What did you think — surprised by anyone who was left off?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell