jamesfranco generalhospital 2 'General Hospital's' James Franco: No eye patch, not dead ... yetThank you Vulture for making sure to ask the one burning question that we’ve all had about James Franco‘s “General Hospital” appearance: Will he be donning that accessory of choice by mysterious soap characters and pirates alike … an eye patch.

The answer? “I haven’t worn one yet.”

Ah, that taunting “yet.”

Another thing he hasn’t done yet? Died.

“I haven’t died yet. But they only gave me the pages for the day that we shot,” Franco told the New York Magazine‘s blog when they diligiently tracked him down at the Hispanic Society’s Dia’s Fall Gala cocktail hour, which the actor attended with his grandmother.

Despite their best efforts though, Franco never did answer the question of why he suddenly decided that what was missing from his acting resume was a stint on a soap opera, instead wanting to focus on his ability to memorize lines quickly and that TelePrompTers are for the weak.

Keeping with the mystery though, he did throw out one other tantalizing morsel. “I’ve got other ideas for my participation in this soap opera beyond just being in this soap opera.”

Any ideas on what his ideas may be?

James Franco joins “General Hospital” on Friday, Nov. 20.

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