george clooney rolling stone George Clooney contemplated suicide after injuryActor George Clooney has opened up to Rolling Stone about his battle with suicidal thoughts after a spinal injury on the set of “Syriana” left him bedridden and suffering from brutal migraines.

“I was at a point where I thought, ‘I can’t exist like this. I can’t actually
live,” says Clooney, who ultimately won an Oscar for the role.  “I was lying in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, unable to move, having these headaches where it feels like you’re having a stroke, and for a short three-week period, I started to think, ‘I may have to do something drastic about this’ … but I never thought I’d get there. See, I was in a place where I was trying to figure out how to survive.”

He admits that he plotted his preferred method of suicide, but never made an attempt. Instead, he began drinking heavily to combat the pain until surgery helped to quell it a bit. He still gets piercing headaches at times, but it’s manageable.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie