“Twilight: New Moon” star Anna Kendrick talks about working with that uber-talentless hack George Clooney in Jason Reitman‘s “Up in the Air.” 

And yes, as it turns out, George is as nice as they always say. Why do women (and men) who work with him always say that?


But she’s is right about one thing. He is old.

We did get Melanie Lynsky, who plays George’s sister in the film, to admit that she had to boost him up a bit in their scenes together. Wow, she even felt sorry for him at one point.
Finally, we asked Vera Farmiga about working with Clooney. She has nude love scenes with George so she must have some dirt, right? But guess what?  She raved about him, too. Very suspicious.
“He’s a goofball, he’s genuine, and it’s so easy to be in his presence. It’s really easy to cuddle up next to this guy. He’s genuine and kind and his sense of humor is the most attractive thing about him. He giggles his way through life and he’s chipper and happy-go-lucky and almost childlike in the way he approaches life and work. It’s a pleasure to be in his company.”
Yup, it’s official. George definitely wrote checks for these rave reviews. Will the truth ever come out? 
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead