George-Clooney.jpgUh oh. George Clooney and ex-girlfriend
Elisabetta Canalis are among more than 200 witnesses accepted Wednesday
by a Milan court in the trial of former Premier Silvio Berlusconi for
allegedly paying for sex with an underage prostitute a
t a “bunga bunga” party.

Well, that sounds descriptive. Clooney denied that he’d ever been to a (and how can we resist writing this a second time) “bunga bunga” party, saying that he’d just stopped by to ask for help for Darfur and declined an invitation to stay.

In an interview with Time magazine posted online, Clooney said he was willing to testify but, “I wasn’t at the bunga bunga party.” (Does anyone else giggle every time they read that?) “I went to speak about Darfur. … It was a
very interesting conversation to say the least, that became a very
different kind of event than anyone ever thought.”

The witness list also includes Karima
el-Mahroug, the Moroccan teen who is alleged to have had sex with
Berlusconi in exchange for money. Both she and Berlusconi say nothing happened.

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