Okay, I admit it. When I first heard about the Oscar-winning hunk getting icky cozy with his "Ocean’s Thirteen" co-star – an over 50/double divorcee/mother of two – I got a little creeped out.

I mean, this guy could ‘date’ (and I mean ‘date’ in precisely the way you think I mean it) any woman in Hollywood. Oh, let’s be honest and say it, George could easily get any woman in the world. Twice.

But their new May-December relationship makes a perverse sort of sense. George is always dating gorgeous women younger than his 45 years. And after a while, all the hot young babes start to make those annoying "Where is this relationship going" and "I want a family" whiney noises.

But with Barkin, a good seven years Clooney’s senior, there’s no biological clock ticking. Heck, it’s not even plugged in anymore. So there’s no need to keep stalling that dreaded walk down the aisle.

Finally, someone the eternal Hollywood bachelor/hunk can have steamy "Sea of Love" escapades with and not worry about when she’ll hit him with an inevitable marriage ultimatum.

Besides, George is not her first younger man. After her divorce from
Gabriel Byrne
and before her marriage to Revlon magnate Ron Pearlman, she dated David Arquette. At the time, he was 23 and she
was 40. You go, girl. Anyway, it’s not like she’s robbing the cradle for George, the way Demi Moore did with poor Ashton Kutcher.

And despite reports of Barkin hawking her jewelry given to her during her five-year marriage to billionaire ex-hubby Perelman, she did get a fairly sizeable settlement – something like $20 million. So she can even afford to ‘Go Dutch.’

Can’t beat that with a stick, huh, George?

Photo Credits: Newly single Ellen Barkin still knows how to party like a rock star, seen with pal Rebecca De Mornay at Amy Sacco’s "Cocktails" party at the Chateau Marmont in July, 2006. But can she keep George Clooney’s interest once "Oceans 13"  has wrapped?
WireImage/Michael Caulfield

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