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George Clooney does penance for forcing The Dish Rag to actually care what his cocktail waitress cutie girlfriend Sarah Larson was wearing at the 2008 Oscars. And no, we don’t remember which designer it was. 

]]>And for making us have to post items linking to her scandalous sexy photos on the web, revealing more than we ever wanted to know about Miss Sarah. (OK, we admit it she actually even earned her own Sarah Larson category on The Dish Rag).

That has to be why he brought a double whammy: his elegant new Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis AND his mother Nina Warren to the premiere of “Up in the Air” Monday night.
Canalis looked subdued in a black pantsuit. Armani, we presume? 
OK, George. We forgive you for Sarah. Mom and classy girlfriend as your premiere dates definitely trumps Oscar arm candy cocktail waitress.
Now we have to wonder when the Italian wedding will take place. Any bets?
Photo credits: WireImage