george lopez take me out gallery 325 fox George Lopez doubts he'd have wanted TBS talk show 'for the rest of my life'George Lopez believes, nine months after TBS ended his weeknight “Lopez Tonight” talk show, that it’s “probably the best time of my life.”

The comedian has a very full plate now: He’ll host the FOX dating-competition show “Take Me Out” starting Thursday, June 7; his third HBO stand-up special, “George Lopez: It’s Not Me, It’s You,” will be televised from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre on Saturday, July 14; and he has a deal with Debmar-Mercury, the company making Charlie Sheen‘s “Anger Management” for FX, for another sitcom.

“Doing a talk show was something I’d never imagined,” Lopez tells Zap2it. “Being as much a fan of Johnny Carson as I was, and having been on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ and all those shows, it was fun to do. That’s kind of a lifetime gig, though, and I’m not sure I would have wanted to do that for the rest of my life.”

Still, Lopez welcomed many big-name guests from Clint Eastwood and Helen Mirren to Denzel Washington and Prince, and doing the show on the perpetually busy Warner Bros. lot didn’t hurt.

“I had a fantastic group of people working with me,” he reflects. “I had great music and talent bookers and a great band, the guys who were with Michael Jackson. I will say this, and I’ll stand by it: I don’t think there was another talk show as diverse, guest-wise and performance-wise.

“I mean, Prince chose my show, and I’d been on less than two seasons at that point. And Prince doesn’t do anything in television, nor does he go out and seek publicity. He said the reason was because he thought the show was funny and I was kind to everybody. I love the fact that in two years, I got to meet pretty much everybody that I ever would want to have met in my life.”

Feeling he met the aim to have “Lopez Tonight” be “brighter and bigger and louder than every other talk show,” Lopez has viewed other programs in the genre only occasionally since his TBS run ended. “I’m not a fan of watching the other guys,” he allows. “I like some more than others. I watch Letterman a little bit, but as I’ve gotten older, I’m usually already in bed around that time.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin