George Lopez seems to be taking the news of his TBS show’s cancellation pretty well, judging by his monologue Wednesday (Aug. 10) night.

TBS decided Wednesday to cancel “Lopez Tonight,” which ran for two seasons but was struggling in the ratings. The final show airs Thursday. Lopez devoted a couple minutes of his monologue (you can also watch here) to the news, joking that “We’re not saying goodbye. We’re saying — cable doesn’t work.”

He also made reference to Charlie Sheen getting canned from “Two and a Half Men”: “People ask me, what are you going to do? Like every TV star before me, I’m gonna find some crack. I’m gonna get on the pipe, lose that unwanted 110 pounds I’ve been trying to lose. … I’m fine, but my goddesses are a wreck. … They left me.”

Lopez also says he’s grateful Sony has decided to make a sequel to “The Smurfs,” in which he does the voice of Grouchy. “So today I lost some work because I’m brown, but also I got some work because I’m blue,” he says.

Lopez’s fellow TBS host, Conan O’Brien, expressed his sympathy for Lopez and the show’s crew on “Conan” Wednesday night. “Had it not been for George being so incredibly supportive of me I would not have come to TBS,” he said. “… Tonight all of our thoughts are with George and his staff and crew.”

The final “Lopez Tonight” airs at midnight ET Thursday.

Posted by:Rick Porter