game of thrones dance with dragons unpublished chapters hbo George R.R. Martin wants to publish 'ASoIaF' unreleased chapters: Our 6 dream suggestionsLike many authors of long-running fantasy series before him, George R.R. Martin has a lot of “A Song of Ice and Fire” material that has landed on the cutting room floor. Before that only affected fans because it meant that material delayed him from releasing the next novels in his “Game of Thrones” series, but now those unpublished pages might see the light of day.

Speaking to The Guardian at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Martin admitted that he would like to publish some of those chapters not included in his “ASoIaF” books as standalone short stories. “There’s at least one deleted chapter from book 5 — which left me in the wrong place — which I have been tempted to publish as a sort of short story.”

Just don’t expect all of his unpublished work to see the light of day. “There are discarded chapters and paragraphs and everything in-between. Because I follow the characters and they sometimes lead me down dead ends. So, at the end of the sequence, I will probably have tens of thousands of words or even hundreds of thousands of words of unused material,” he says.

When pushed to ask if he would publish those, Martin says, “Mmm, no. Some of them are just earlier versions of scenes that appear.”

With “A Song of Ice and Fire” book 6, “The Winds of Winter,” still without a release date, Zap2it decided to look back at book 5, “A Dance With Dragons,” and speculate on the various characters who we’d like to see have more pagetime in an unpublished chapter. Spoilers lie ahead.
Many of the Stark children took a back seat in “A Dance With Dragons,” and Bran was one of them. With the whole new world of White Walker and Child of the Forest mysteries introduced in “Game of Thrones” Season 4, we would love to get more of a sense of the crazy magic he is up to with the Three-Eyed Raven that will hopefully inform where his story arc goes in Season 5.
Melisandre only got one chapter in “A Dance With Dragons,” but man was it a good one. Getting to see the world through the Red Priestess’s eyes redefined her character and offered more insights into her goals. With all the madness that goes down with Jon Snow at the end of “ADWD,” it would be really interesting to meet up with her again towards the end of the book and see if her viewpoint and belief of who Azor Ahai reborn really is have changed.
The Griff/Jon Connington chaper in “A Dance With Dragons” was perhaps the most game-changing moment in all of the novel, even if the — again, spoiler! — reveal that Aegon Targaryen is in fact still alive caused some readers to believe this newly introduced character is actually a fake. Regardless, this storyline is huge for “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and we want more, more, more.
Jaime Lannister’s sole “ADWD” chapter was a great one because it finally reunited him with the other half of our favorite “Game of Thrones” ‘ship, Brienne of Tarth. But she seems to be bringing him to her mistress Lady Stoneheart, which doesn’t bode well for her allegiances to Jaime or his well-being. But what comes next?! We’re dying to know.
Arya Stark — aka The Blind Girl, aka The Ugly Little Girl, aka Mercy — has chapters best suited to short stories. In fact, her “Winds of Winter” chapter “Mercy” pretty much stands on its own, and is so good it hurts. While this hypothetical unreleased chapter from “ADWD” might not offer insights into Arya’s ultimate purpose in the “ASoIaF” series, any time spent with our favorite assassin is treasured.
And one for good luck:
There was no Brienne in “ADWD,” and we’re still not over the absence of her perspective even though we understand why it might have derailed where the novel’s plot was heading. That being said, why not right that wrong and release a Brienne chapter online, George. Please? Pretty please?
Which character’s perspective do you hope this unreleased “A Dance With Dragon” chapter is from?
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