Georgecloo_grani_11685700_600Don’t blame George Clooney for getting Danny DeVito all liquored up the night before his appearance on “The View.”

“Danny drew me into this,” Clooney explained at “The Good German” after-party Tuesday night. Sure, they’d had dinner that night in New York at Scalinatella with Stan Rosenfield, their shared publicist and yes, there was wine, vodka and an Italian liqueur called limoncello involved.

“But I was in bed by 11:30 and when I woke up the next morning, I was The Devil. Where did that come from?”

He did watch DeVito on the “View” and said he laughed at his inebriated antics such as talking about having sex with wife Rhea Pearlman in the White House and calling President Bush a ‘numbnuts.’

“I saw the piece and I gotta say, it was hysterical. But if you’re going to take those kinds of shots, you gotta take your licks. I don’t think it will hurt him at all. Hey, he’s Louis DePalma.”

And the two are still buds. Which is more than one can say about Clooney and Arianna Huffington.

]]>According to Clooney, Huffington has never apologized to him for making it look like he’d written a  blog for her Huffingtonpost website last April.  And while she eventually did mega mea culpa’s to the entire blogosphere for the deception, she never bothered to say “my bad” to the Oscar winner.

“In the smack down world, she did get smacked, but that’s fair enough because she really was out of line. But we were never friends,” he explained.  “She just called me up and asked me to do a blog. I said “Sure but I’ve never done it and don’t know anything about it.’ So she pieced one together from five interviews I’d done in the past and made it look like I’d written it. The thing that really pissed me off is that I don’t write that badly. I would have never written anything that dogmatic. I’m the son of a journalist and my dad looked at it  and said, “What the hell is this?’ And I said, I have no idea.”

When Clooney saw his so-called blog on her site, he immediately sent out a press release asking her to admit what she did, which she at first refused to do, claiming she had gotten permission to use the old quotes from his camp.

“It was so dumb. You can’t just make shit up. She said, “Well, I did it for Arthur Schlessinger and I said, I don’t care who else you did it for. At the end of it, we got into screaming fights. She told me I was being ridiculous and I said ‘Well, I’m not the one who lost a debate with Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Ouch. Score one for George.

Photo Credits: George swears he didn’t lead pal Danny or pub Stan – seen here with the actor at the German" premiere astray. But take it from Arianna, don’t ever fake a blog and say he wrote it!
Steve Granitz/WireImage

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