bob cat george w bush George W. Bush adopts a cat, names him BobImportant breaking news from Crawford, Texas — seat of power of former president George W. Bush. Dubya, as he’s fondly referred to by those who fondly remember him, adopted a stray cat and named him “Bob” and, based on photographic evidence obtained on Bush’s official website, Bob is now occupying the aforementioned seat of power.

From the official Bush Center announcement:

“The newest member of the Bush family is a cat named Bob. Bob was found on the ranch in Crawford and was rescued by President and Mrs. Bush in the summer of 2011. Formerly homeless, Bob now comfortably resides in Dallas with his new friends Barney and Miss Beazley. He enjoys playing with lizards, but he especially loves to search for the sunniest spot in the house to take a long catnap.”

Bob, who is moving quickly to solidify his base and make a splash with middle-of-the-road voters and/or cat lovers, has already been honored with his own faux Twitter account and take on the “Can haz Cheezeburger” meme, the latter courtesy The Atlantic Wire.

Among Bob’s better faux tweets:

“W. and me share a scratching post!”

“W. found me in a spiderhole!”

“W. once threatened to put me on the roof and drive to Canada. It was a joke.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson