george w bush painting jay leno gi George W. Bush and Laura Bush on 'Tonight Show'   Obama jokes and all

Jay Leno‘s “Tonight Show” monologue was particularly rife with President Obama jokes Tuesday night (Nov. 19) ahead of former President George W. Bush‘s appearance, which Bush said was for the sole purpose of seeing the lame duck talk show host before he heads “out to pasture.”
As for Obama being the current brunt of the late night jokes, Bush tells Leno, “Better him than me.” But he is also quick to explain why he doesn’t comment on Obama’s policy. “I don’t think it’s good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor,” says Bush.
He also remarks that he’s happy to be out of the office, saying “I think eight years in the spotlight is enough.” When Leno tells Bush he “looks much more relaxed” now, he’s met with a resounding “Duh!” from the former leader of the free world.
But the interview wasn’t all lighthearted. Former First Lady Laura Bush joined her husband late in the show and opened up about George W.’s recent heart health scare. “It was scary,” she says. “It was very scary.” When Bush remarks, “I wasn’t that scared,” Leno interjects, “You had Obamacare?” Ooh, burn …
The couple also shared quite a bit about their charity work in Africa and Afghanistan, including some photos and video of the former President showing off some fine dance moves. Before Mrs. Bush took the stage, the Mr. Bush showed off recent paintings he’s done of his pets, and recounted an anecdote about Russian President Vladimir Putin dissing Bush’s hound, Barney. He then presented Leno with a painting he made of the late night host that boasts a pretty remarkable resemblance.
Check out some video snippets of the Bushes’ “Tonight Show” appearance below:

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