george w obama zap2it George W. Obama photo mocks NSA Verizon controversy

The so-called “George W. Obama” picture making the rounds on the internet is not new — it’s gone viral in the past — but it’s hitting home again with critics of President Barack Obama‘s policies. 
The photo, a mind-boggling composite portrait of Obama and former President George W. Bush, ran on The Huffington Post’s front page along with a story about the National Security Agency’s court order demanding Verizon turn over phone records on all of its subscribers.
Opponents of such activities won’t let up on the criticism via social media. Many call the move warrantless spying on the American people by its government, and are quick to point out Obama has criticized such programs inn the past. 
In a Post 9/11 and Patriot Act era, the NSA seems to have turned to domestic spying, despite denials. During a 2007 campaign speech, Obama is quoted as saying, “That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens … No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.”
Journalist James Bamford, who authored several books about the NSA tells the Associated Press Obama has actually ramped up the Bush policies. 
“Here we are, under the Obama administration, doing it sort of like the Bush administration on steroids,” says Bamford. “This order here is about as broad as it can possibly get, when it comes to focusing on personal communications. There’s no warrant, there’s no suspicion, there’s no probable cause … it sounds like something from East Germany.”
Some have even called the current presidency “George W. Bush’s fourth term” in office. So, what do you think — is the George W. Obama photo a reflection of a fair comparison?
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