Oscar nominee Gerard Depardieu‘s eldest son, actor Guillaume Depardieu, died from pneumonia complications in a Paris hospital today.

He was 37.

GuillaumedepardieuHe had been filming in Romania and caught a virus that gave him severe pneumonia, according to his father’s spokesman.

In the past, Guillaume had been in trouble for drugs and speeding and, in June, he was ordered to spend two months in jail for drunk driving.

Father and son had starred together in the 1991 film “Tous Les Matins Du Monde.” The young Depardieu, who had appeared in over 20 films, won the most promising young actor prize at the Cesar awards in 1996, the French equivalent of the Academy Awards.

He also co-starred with his father in two TV miniseries, “Les Miserables” and the “The Count of Monte Cristo.” But they had a public falling-out in 2003, the year Guillaume had his right leg amputated after years of pain from a bacterial leg infection after a 1996 motorcycle accident.

Guillaume was one of  two children Gerard had with actress Elisabeth Guignot before they divorced.

Just 37. Pneumonia. Very sad.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead