Although Gerard Depardieu chalked up his Aug. 22 airplane “accident” — in which he urinated on the floor of an AirFrance jet — to prostate problems, the French actor has a sense of humor about the incident.

In a new video, Depardieu and Edouard Baer (who was traveling with Depardieu at the time of the overflow) don the costumes of French cartoon characters Asterix and Obelix. The video is in French, but the point is universally obscured.

Watch, then scroll down for a translation, courtesy The Wrap:

Asterix (Gerard Depardieu) and Obelix (Edouard Baer):

Asterix (Depardieu): “I need a wild boar (sanglier)!”

Flight attendant: “After the takeoff, Monsieur.”

Asterix: “I can’t wait I need one now! I’m too hungry.”

Passenger: “You think you can get away with anything…”

Obelix (Eduard Baer): “Vegetarian.”

Off camera: “Oh my God, that’s disgusting!”

“Ladies and Gentleman I’m sorry to tell you because of a Frenchman who made a mess everywhere we will need to land.”


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson