Naveenandrews_lost_290 Yesterday, I told you about the first meet-up for Zap2it’s "Lost" fans. Today, I’m here with the promised second half of our Reader Appreciation week. I’m pleased to announce a contest in which two winners will pick up some pretty cool “Lost”-related gear.

Here’s how the contest will work: we’re looking to boost our Twitter readership from its present level to 1,516 followers. If you’re wondering why it’s that number, well, then you best brush up on The Numbers.  While I use the Twitter feed to alert followers when a new entry is published here, it also allows me to do a lot of things that the blog alone cannot. I publish microblogs, seek out ideas from readers, and pass on the best of the Twitterverse whenever possible.

I’ve pre-selected a number between our current level of followers (around 900 at the time of posting) and 1,516 as the winner. So, the winning number could be 915. Could be 1,515. It’s probably somewhere in between. Point is, there’s no specific ideal time to sign up for the Twitter feed, so make sure you sign up as soon as you can to avoid being shut out. I will announce the winner of this particular part of the contest only when we reach the magic number of 1,516 followers. The person that signs up at the pre-selected slot will win a snazzy Geronimo Jackson t-shirt. Pretty cool, huh?

“But Ryan,” cryeth the masses, “I already follow you on Twitter. I want a prize. Why are you discriminating against me?” Well, for one thing, hate is FUN. But secondly, don’t worry: I wouldn’t leave those already following the feed out of the contest fun. So here’s where the second part of the contest comes into play. I call on those who already follow my feed as well as those who sign up for the Geronimo Jackson t-shirt to recruit people into the contest. The person who recruits the most number of new followers gets this super comfy Lost University hoodie. It’s perfect for those long winter days leading up to the premiere of Season 6!

How will I know if you’ve recruited someone? Easy. The person that you have recruited needs to send me this message on Twitter: “Hey, @Zap2itLost, I think @NAMEHERE should get a hoodie!”. (The URL at the end will link back to this post so others can get in on the action.) You can't nominate yourself; the person that you havr recruited has to nominate you. Obviously, they should put your Twitter handle where it says “NAMEHERE.” Not literally “NAMEHERE.” That would be all sorts of wrong. And I might make fun of them a little. So, let’s make sure this doesn’t happen, mmk?

This part of the contest not only allows for those already following to participate, but also means your fate is in your own hands.  While obtaining the shirt might be your destiny, you can make a choice and win yourself the hoodie. And if that sounds a bit like the competing themes on “Lost,” well, you just earned yourself a virtual fish biscuit.

Any questions? Leave ’em below. In any case, I’ll alert the winners via Twitter and this blog when the contest ends and send their well-earned rewards in the mail. Let the contest begin!

No purchase necessary. Entrants must be 18 or older and legal U.S. residents. Void where prohibited. Prize ARV: $75.

Ryan invites you to join the hundreds already in Zap2It's Guide to Lost Facebook group. Also, be sure to attend Zap2Locke Con this September!


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Posted by:Ryan McGee