subtlesexuality office 290 Get ready for 'Subtle Sexuality' at 'The Office'Several employees of “The Office” will be dressed up in costume Thursday, and not just for the show’s Halloween episode.

Thursday also brings the debut of the show’s latest webisodes. They’re called “Subtle Sexuality,” which is also the name of the girl band Kelly (Mindy Kaling) forms with receptionist Erin (Ellie Kemper). Together they record a song called “Male Primadonna,” and the webisodes will chronicle the making of the video, “Behind the Music”-style.

Kaling, who also directed the webisodes (it’s her first time at the helm), says she figures Kelly has auditioned for “American Idol” a few times but never got very far, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. As with most things that occupy Kelly’s mind, “Male Primadonna” is about Ryan (B.J. Novak), and she enlists him to do a rap in the middle of the song. Andy (Ed Helms) tries to horn his way into the production as well.

Have a look at the making-of video. “Subtle Sexuality” will debut on Thursday (Oct. 29).

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