"Get Smart" star Anne Hathaway wised up in time to dump her Italian boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, before he was arrested on fraud charges.

But the New York Post is quoting an FOF (friend of Follieri) asking if Anne could please come and pick up her 2-year-old chocolate Lab, Esmeralda.

Apparently, the poor pooch is being cared for by Follieri’s mother, Anna, who’s in the U.S. from Italy for cancer treatment and is living in his $40,000-a-month Trump Tower penthouse.

Anne_hathawayApparently, Follieri, unable to make bail, can’t even afford a dog walker. And his mom is not well enough to walk or care for the Lab. Can you imagine that Lab going crazy being cooped up in an apartment?

The source said, "I feel bad for the dog. She’s a beautiful, sweet dog who probably greeted the FBI agents with her tail wagging."

Nice way to treat a dog who helped her get a plum role in a film!

The actress, 24, told People that the night before her second audition for "Becoming Jane, "My dog decided to eat the hotel slipper, so she was up the whole night vomiting. I slept maybe an hour."  She’d had to beg for the audition in the first place because of her squeaky clean, perky image.

"When I arrived at the interview, I was tired and wasn’t in a very good mood. I guess Julian (director Julian Jarrold) realized that I wasn’t the bright, happy, smiley, untroubled girl from ‘The Princess Diaries.’ He offered me the role after that."

C’mon, Anne. Pick up your pooch! Be a good dog mommy.

Grrr. All those in favor, leave your comments here!

Top photo: Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway. WireImage

Bottom photo: Anne and her faithful Lab, courtesy of People.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead