Happy Halloween and happy Friday. Figured I’d tackle a few of your True Blood questions today, since some of you seem to be fiending for answers…

Why do I recognize Jason’s new girlfriend Amy on True Blood? She’s so familiar. Is she sticking around? -Marla

Jason’s new girlfriend is played by Lizzy Caplan who you may recognize from a number of things. She was in Cloverfield (Marlena) and Mean Girls (Janis Ian) and has done a ton of TV: The Class, Related, Smallville, Freaks & Geeks. And yes, she’s sticking around, at least for the remainder of the season. There are four episodes left, in which she and Jason really get to know each other. I’m hearing J will only go along with her vampire kidnapping for so long.

Can you talk about True Blood in your column a little bit? You haven’t said much about it and it’s getting so good. I was really excited to see Stephen Root show up on Sunday. I never would’ve cast him as a gay vampire, but it worked! Will he stay on the show or will Jason and that girl kill him? -KT

Though everyone — including Jason! — thinks or has thought that Jason is capable of murder, he isn’t. However, his new lady Amy, she’s another story.

Tara is my favorite True Blood character. Is she going to change and get all nice and complacent now that she’s going to that exorcist? That would suck. -Kara

As far as I know, feisty Tara will live on. In fact, I’m told she’s got quite a bit of strife to deal with in the next four episodes. Something about a drunk driving accident, jail time and a halfway house that’s got hidden dangers.

You never cover True Blood in Korbi TV!! You need to start watching it, it’s the boooooomb. I need to know who the murderer is. When are we going to find out? -Beth

I’ve been watching it since episode one, woman. And I agree. True Blood is the best new show of the season as far as I’m concerned… though the competition isn’t all that tough. Anyway, I know who the murderer is, but I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll get a clue at the end of the penultimate ep, and that person will be clearly identified in the season finale. For those who have read the book series, I’m curious, have you known all along who was to blame? Because I was shocked and disappointed when I found out. I really dig this character…

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