ghost adventures season 9 premiere oman house travel channel 'Ghost Adventures' Season 9 premiere: There's nothing good going on at the Oman House
The “Ghost Adventures” gang of Zak BagansAaron Goodwin and Nick Groff returned to The Travel Channel for the season premiere of Season 9 on Saturday, Feb. 15. Did the first episode of the new season gives us the heebie-jeebies, or was it a relatively “meh” episode? Read on to find out. 
The Stakeout
The David Oman House in Los Angeles. Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by members of Charles Manson’s cult within a few feet of the property. 
On top of that, Oman (who produced the movie “House at the End of the Drive” about his house) says psychics have told him the house is situated on top of a Native American burial ground, and was an area they found sacred. Oman also says a guest staying in a bedroom on the ground floor of the house was picked up and pinned against the ceiling. Zak interviews noted parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff and paranormal investigator Dre Fordham, who both state they won’t return to the house because of the weird energy in it, and their distinctive physical experiences. And, according to Taff, the U.S. Geological Survey classifies the area as a “geomagnetic anomaly.” There’s really nothing good going on in this place.
In fact, for the first time ever, all of the accounts — especially Taff’s — leave the guys second-guessing if they want to go through with the stakeout.  But they do.
Along with the usual three, they have two other people monitoring cameras and microphones as they head in for the night.
Caught On Camera
  • Several figurines gets knocked over, within three minutes of Zak asking the spirits to knock something over.
  • A loud bang from the ground floor guest bedroom.
  • Many EVPs and “spirit box” voices including voices saying “Hey Nick,” “Hi” and “I did”
  • A door slamming, along with weird sing-songy voices
  • A ball of light leaving a room as Zak approaches
  • An “ectoplasmic” swirl in the dark
  • Nick’s chest gets burned. Actually burned red.
  • Nick gets sharp pains several times during the investigation, and he leaves the house to recover.
  • Footsteps and dragging noises while the house is empty. 
  • Three distinct knocks and loud bangs
  • Nick says he sees a white strobing light that can’t be seen on the night vision from the guest bedroom.
  • Several light anomalies, one with sounds along with it
Heebie-jeebie scale = A full out 10. Maybe an 11. Not since the Edinburgh vaults episode have we gotten so completely freaked out.
Reminder: Don’t go near the David Oman house.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson