jason-hawes-ghost-hunters-syfy-crop.jpgFor Roto-Rooter plumber (yes, he still does plumbing) and paranormal investigator Jason Hawes of Syfy’s long-running Wednesday-night reality hit “Ghost Hunters,” currently airing new episodes, life after his longtime partner, Grant Wilson, left the TV show is pretty much like life before he left the TV show.

“It’s funny,” Hawes says, “the absence of Grant is only to the viewers of the show. I still talk with Grant all the time; we meet up all the time. He’s still involved in the TAPS [The Atlantic Paranormal Society] home team and things of that nature, and other things we’ve been doing for many, many years.
“As for him not being on the show anymore and not being on the road with me, it was a little odd in the beginning, but then again, I worked with Steve [Gonsalves] for years before Grant and me hung out, and Grant was really involved.
“So, I roll into working with Steve and other members, [Dave] Tango and so on, which is great. Now, viewers are able to see more than just Jay and Grant and their team, they’re able to see the whole team. Everybody’s able to flourish.”
When he’s not fixing leaky pipes or chasing down wayward spirits, Hawes is an avid Twitterer, with over 154,000 followers at his @Jchawes handle. He tweets a lot to fans, sometimes during investigations, and shares his opinions on politics and the events of the day.
“I don’t mind speaking my piece,” he says. “Also, politics-wise, I’m very open. You know me, I just … I don’t have a filter. That’s my problem. I just think it’s funny. Every time I post my views, and I don’t hold back, everybody’s like ‘Hawes for President.’ You don’t want me there.”
Ann-Romney-Janna-Ryan-Romney-Ryan-Attend-RNC.jpgHe recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding “American Pie” star Jason Biggs. During the Republican National Convention in late August, Biggs sent out a series of sexually explicit, off-color tweets about Ann Romney (in red at left) and Janna Ryan (center, right), the wives of the GOP presidential and vice-presidential candidates Mitt Romney (at left) and Paul Ryan (at right), respectively.
Biggs is also one of the voice actors in Nickelodeon’s new version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

On Sept. 1, Nickeodeon used the @TMNTMaster Twitter account to encourage fans to look at Jason Biggs’ Twitter feed.

In addition, Biggs’ wife, actress Jenny Mollen, sent out a tweet saying that, since her husband was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, his opportunities for sex with underage girls might increase (but not quite in that language).
After a wave of criticism from parenting groups and conservatives, many calling for Biggs (below, with Sarah Chalke from the short-lived series “Mad Love”) to be fired from his Nickelodeon job, the channel apologized on Sept. 5. On that same day, Hawes tweeted:

 Man,  is a scumbag who deserves to be lost & forgotten.Who say those things about any women?!

“First off,” Hawes says, “I have four sisters — three older, one younger — I have my three daughters, my wife, my mother, how can anybody … anybody … I read what his wife said, you talk about, my gosh, what she said about young girls.
jason biggs sarah chalke mad love320 'Ghost Hunters' Jason Hawes on Grant Wilson and Jason Biggs' 'disgusting' RNC tweets“You don’t say that about anybody, let alone about a guy who’s trying to run for president, and his beliefs to make the country a better place, and also the guy who’s trying to help him do it as well. You don’t say that about any female or anybody in general.
“This kid does not deserve to work. And Nickelodeon was promoting his tweets? How could they not be paying attention to things that he said, if they’re promoting his tweets to children who watch their network. It’s just downright disgusting.”
Asked if he gets any criticism from Syfy for being so candid, Hawes says, “No, honestly, I think Syfy understands I’m me, and it’s just the way I am. They don’t bother me. They allow me to be who i am, and who I am will never change.
“Who I am has helped make this show a success. Why would I ever change that?”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare