Tonight, the Ghost Whisperer really brought brief term therapy to the living as well as the dead. With a psychotherapist, no less. How is it the dead have better coverage than I get on my health plan?

We start the episode meeting Lucas. Or rather, meeting his corpse, which is found by his friend Grace. They both went to high school with Melinda, though they were not really friends. They, along with their friends Ryan and Haylee were the popular kids. All the same, she is invited to the funeral and afterward Grace asks if Melinda would mind riding back to town with her. Melinda agrees and she doesn’t have to have special abilities to know the former popular girl is asking to spend some time with her. She wants a quick course in Haunting 101 and exactly what a ghost can do to a person. While in the car, Melinda gets a vision of a man standing in the road, striking the car and leaving bloody streaks down her window. The investigation is on!

Melinda talks over what happened with Eli the next day and he offers to help in any way he can. Meanwhile, Lucas’s autopsy concludes that he died of a drug overdose, a fact that Ryan uses to try and convince Grace that they have nothing to feel guilty for. Which tells us that they likely have something do, in fact, have something to feel guilty for. As Dr. Ryan finished up some surgery, his patient suddenly starts bleeding out. Blood is everywhere and a nurse runs out of the room, repeating the blood streaks on glass that we’ve seen several times already. It turns out that the patient was fine, but it seems to have freaked out all involved. So much so that Grace asks Melinda to come and have lunch, where Ryan plays the role of rude skeptic. She confronts him on his attitude, telling him the ghost won’t stop until he finishes his business. Ryan bitterly shouts that Lucas was a screw up who needed to finish everything. And then he gets a massive nosebleed and flees the scene.

And it’s not like Melinda doesn’t have things of her own to do. After all, she and Jim decided to try and have a baby and she’s got cribs to inspect and garages to convert. Well, cribs anyway, since Jim suggest that by jumping to convert the garage they might be getting ahead of themselves. Melinda asks if he means because she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet, but he covers his gaffe by suggesting that once she is they will still have 9 months to plan and prepare so there is no need to do it now. All the same, she doesn’t have time to meet with Haylee. Which is fine, because Eli offers to do it for her. What he finds out if that the only drugs Lucas took were anti-anxiety meds and that a decade ago he took a trip with Grace and Ryan and was never the same. He also gets the key to Lucas’s apartment.

Melinda and Lucas take a look around, where they find that the anti-anxiety meds were pretty dangerous benzodiazepines. And that Lucas had a wallet insert full of pictures of a man and a child that Melinda had never seen. When she touches the pictures, she gets a vision of Lucas, Ryan and Grace kneeling over the man, who is both bloody and dead. Yet still, the ghost isn’t talking. Luckily, the man had kept ID in the picture sleeves at one time and some of the information transferred to the plastic. Eli uses that to track down his widow and daughter and when he gets to their house, he starts hearing the ghost, who is just a little on the angry side. The widow asks where Eli got the pictures and he tells her they were found in his friend’s apartment. She says she doesn’t know any Lucas, but when Eli pulls out Melinda’s old yearbook to show her pictures of Ryan and Grace, she points to Lucas and says she knows him. As Mark. It seems he had shown up one day saying he used to work with her husband and he had owed them money. Ever since then he had sent her cashier’s checks periodically. Which is both sad and creepy.

Also sad and creepy is the conversation Grace and Ryan are having in the car as they debate the matter of their guilt and what they should have done. Grace tells Ryan she feel Lucas around all the time and Ryan counters that she’s talking crazy. Meanwhile, there is the man in the road again. Only this time, the car sails right through him and a moment later Ryan’s nosebleed is back. And then Grace sees blood coating the windshield. There’s screaming, squealing tires and the car flipping. Melinda goes to visit them at the hospital, where Grace tells her what she thought she saw and Melinda confesses that she knows about the man who died 10 years ago.

Grace explains that on their trip to look at colleges, they were invited to a frat party. Lucas was their designated driver, but b the end of the party he was just the one who was least drunk. He was driving extremely slow as a bike came up behind him, tailgating and weaving before trying to get by. Which is when the biker lost control and skidded down an embankment. They pull over to help and Lucas urged grace to stay in the car while he and Ryan searched for the man. They are down in the ditch with the man pops up at Grace’s window, leaving the bloody streaks that keep showing up. Ryan tries to perform CPR, but it’s too late for the man and they decide to simply leave. Since they didn’t hit the man, there is no evidence and they don’t want their lives to end on the same road. However, it seems to have haunted Lucas all the same. And now, it appears to have moved on to Grace.

Melinda returns to Lucas’s apartment to have a chat with the ghost and find out why he is punishing his friends. It seems Lucas has felt betrayed by Ryan, who used Grace and Lucas’s feeling for her to get him to keep quiet. Melinda tells him to stop blaming them for what he did and Lucas counters that he takes responsibility for the man’s death, but not for his own. The clear implication is that Ryan killed him. Eli checks around and finds out the Ryan had written a prescription for his friend, for a medication that was known to be dangerous when taken with anti-anxiety medication. Melinda decides that she and Eli are going to attend Lucas’s memorial. Which is good, because Lucas shows up too.

Ryan gives a speech about Lucas, finishing it up by stating that he would have wanted his friends to get on with their lives and so they are. And he segues right into announcing that he and Grace have gotten engaged. Which seems just a tad inappropriate to me. There’s a time and place…and a memorial service isn’t it! Lucas agrees and he asks Melinda if she is going to do something or if he has to. She asks to speak to Ryan and Grace and Ryan tells her that he knows Grace told her everything but there is a statute of limitations. Which is when Eli speaks up that he may want to restart the clock from the time he wrote the prescription that killed his friend.

Which is when we finally see Ryan crack. Grace asks him if he did give Lucas the drugs and he tells her that Lucas was going to go to the authorities about what had happened. Grace reveals that she had talked to Lucas that day and what he had done was inherit money and set up a trust for the dead man’s daughter. She accuses Ryan of not being able to let Lucas ease his guilt and Ryan begins to cry. He recalls that Lucas had been drinking at the party, something that was unlike him, because he had seen he and Grace making out. He guiltily goes on to say that he had just wanted to help Lucas, who had told him he hadn’t slept for days. He gave him the medication, telling him not to take it with the benzos and telling him that he would support whatever his decision was but that he shouldn’t make it until he got some rest.

Grace asks Melinda is Ryan is telling the truth and Lucas confirms that he is. But he hadn’t listened because he didn’t think they were really that dangerous. He remembered going out to his car to get his headphones and the next thing he saw was while standing over his own dead body and Grace crying over him. Her sadness made him realize that he didn’t want his friends to live that haunted life he had led for the last decade, so he began scaring them to try and get them to come clean. Which is exactly what they decide to do. Before crossing into the light, Lucas asks Melinda how she can live with the uncertainties in life and she says she manages just like anyone else. Which is not entirely true, as she gets home to find Jim converting the garage. She anxiously tells him what the spirit told her last week, about there being a price to pay and how she was touched by death. But Jim rallies to her rescue, telling her that is exactly why they will keep pushing.

Posted by:Jessica Paff