ghost whisperer 100 'Ghost Whisperer' cast and crew celebrate 100 episodesWith only a few days left until the 100th episode of the CBS drama “Ghost Whisperer” airs on Friday, Mar. 5, all the show’s stars — including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy, Camryn Manheim and David Conrad — were out to celebrate at XIV in Hollywood on Monday night. Before the night’s festivities really got underway, Zap2it chatted with a few of “GW’s” stars.

David Conrad, who plays Hewitt’s on-screen husband, told us famed medium James Van Prague (whose work the show is partially based on) actually predicted the show’s long-running success.

“[James Van Prague] walked up to Love and said this will go at minimum, six years,” says Conrad. “We all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s kind of a risky thing to be saying three episodes in.’ But here we are….”

The show’s executive producer and writer, Ian Sander, expressed how thrilled he is that the show made it to 100.

“I did some checking back on the Internet and saw how many shows have gone over 100, and it’s a lot less than you think,” says Sander. “Some of the most iconic shows in the history of television didn’t get there, so we feel very, very blessed and very, very grateful.”

Hewitt, or “Love” as her co-stars affectionately call her, told us she was thrilled to have had the opportunity to direct the 100th episode and calls this Friday’s show a “very explosive episode.”

“It gives people the chance to live a moment over again, and we all wish that we could do that,” Hewitt says. “I think that’s kind of powerful for people.”

Evidently she’s right. For a show that got the death sentence of a Friday night time slot, it’s proved to be the little engine that could.

As fellow executive producer (and wife of Sander) Kim Moses told us, “Who knew that a ‘Whisperer’ could be so loud?”

For more commentary from executive producers Kim Moses and Ian Sander on why they think the show has been such a success (and to see them thank their Zap2it fans!), watch below:

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