canceled shows poll 'Ghost Whisperer,' 'FlashForward,' 'Law & Order': Which canceled show will you miss most?CBS dropped the ax on several veteran shows Tuesday (May 18). Barring a last-minute save by another network — which is often talked about but doesn’t often happen this time of year — “Cold Case,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and several other shows are on their way to the TV graveyard.

They join the likes of ABC’s “FlashForward” and “Better Off Ted” and NBC’s “Law & Order” and “Heroes” on the cancellation pile. While none of them are huge surprises — “Law & Order” probably qualifies as the biggest, since it’s been around the longest — but that doesn’t mean their demise doesn’t sting.

We want to know, then, which of these shows you’d like to have back. For the purposes of this particular debate, we’re leaving out shows that are ending or have ended on their own terms, like “Lost” and “24,” and those that had some warning about their cancellation and had a chance to wrap up, like “Ugly Betty” and “Dollhouse.” We’re talking here about shows that are getting the boot at this week’s upfronts.

So which show will you miss most? Vote in the poll below and discuss it in the comments.

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credits: CBS, ABC, NBC

Posted by:Rick Porter