I’m not saying that the "have your babies before it’s too late" undercurrent in tonight’s Ghost Whisperer was heavy handed, but I do think my cheek still stings from getting backhanded by it several times.

Rick randomly runs into Nina (Nikki Cox), a pharmaceutical rep in town for a week that used to date Rick 10 years prior but they broke up when he was with Kate, and asks her out. She somewhat reluctantly says yes seeing as he demolished her heart. Panicking, Rick has an emergency dinner with Melinda and Jim to ask for some help. He’d like them to double date to alleviate some pressure. Before they can answer, Nina she walks in. On her way to the table, a chair pulls out and trips and her (Jim catches her). Also, when they kiss on the cheek hello, they’re shocked by static electricity.

Why the bad luck? Well, it’s Rick ghostly wife Kate that’s causing all the problems and haunting the date. Since Rick didn’t forgive her, she’s exacting a little revenge.

The next morning, Melinda tells Rick that Kate was the one messing with everything. Rick, like a jackass, still refuses to forgive Kate and allow her to move on despite Melinda’s warning that Kate could hurt them both. Later, Nina finds Prof. Rick after a class and tries to break it off, stating that she can’t risk having her heart broken again.

Meanwhile, Melinda’s avoiding sleeping because of her nightmares and is searching through a website of masks. She’s pretty sure Creepy Masked Dream Guy has something to do with her dad so Jim suggests she employ a private detective to look into her dad. And he just happens to know a guy.

Rick goes to visit Nina to convince her to have lunch and finds out she has a son named Elliot. He tells her she loves kids but it’s a lie, which he bitches about to Mel, Ned, and Delia. They can’t hold conversations and are germ incubators. He tries to convince Delia to babysit the kid but she’s already going to lunch with her own son. She and Ned leave as Nina arrives with Elliot.

Melinda sees a flash of Kate as the surprisingly bright Elliot and the Professor (which sounds like a 50’s sitcom) bond over a mutual germaphobia and what makes up dust. Elliot is going to be 10-years-old this year and says his dad is a professor that he can’t get in touch with. It dawns on Rick that the boy is his and Nina decides it’s time to leave. Anyone surprised? Anybody? Rick goes to Mel’s house that night and they sit on the steps, talking the situation out. He has some doubts but the boy is so much like him, it has to be true. They also bond over Melinda not being ready to have children, what with the crazy half-brother and Dark Spirits and whatnot. Plus, she says that they’re young and they’ve got plenty of time.

So Rick talks to Nina the next day at a park and finds out she discovered she was pregnant after they’d broken up and Ricky was already settling down with Kate. He wants to use the insurance money from Kate’s death to pay for Elliot’s private school, which Nina can’t afford. Nina turns down the offer but he insists, saying it’s what Kate would want. Her reply? "Wanna bet?" She even knocks over the chessboard when he goes to play chess with his newly found son.

Arriving at home, Rick finds a pair of Kate’s shoes in the middle of the living room. Still being a jerk, he pokes Kate into bigger and bigger object manipulations until she flat out tries to injure him – she knocks a bookcase over, removes the screws from a chandelier and, finally, pins the aptly named Prof. Payne under the piano he’s hiding underneath. By the way, Professor Payne sounds like the name of a supervillian. Or a wrestler. Melinda and Jim show up to rescue him. As Jim evaluates Rick’s crushed leg, he says that Kate’s so angry is because they tried having kids but couldn’t. And to add insult to injury, he told her that it was okay because he didn’t want any.

They take Rick to the the hospital and Jim tries to broach the kids topic but Mel sees Kate and has to follow her to talk to her. Kate explains that she thinks Nina is playing Rick. Also, Zach, the online ghost dude popped up during the conversation – Kate shooed him away.

The next day, in a walking cast on his foot and lower leg, Rick goes to see Nina who’s changed her mind and accepts his money offer. But Ricky also wants to actually be present as Elliot’s dad, offering that they can move in with him and enroll Ricky in a special smart kid school affiliated with the college. While all this is going on, Melinda and Delia talk about how she keeps dodging the kids topic whenever Jim brings it up. She tells Delia the same thing that she told Rick, but Delia puts a little salt on her logic. But back to Rick’s problem. Mel wants to check out Kate hunch so she and Delia call Elliot’s current school under the rouse of being from the private school. Mel asks for the father’s name and writes it down, making a face that doesn’t indicate happy news. Again, surprised anyone? Show of hands…

Later, Mel and Jim meet for coffee and finally have the kid conversation and it doesn’t go well. But they’ll have to continue later because they both have to be elsewhere. Melinda goes and sees Karl the Police Detective/Sometimes Private Investigator. He didn’t really find much on her dad, other than he stopped leaving a trail for a bit (which means he must’ve been hiding for something) and that there’s no record of his death (but he could’ve been a John Doe). Not a lot of help, but at least he admits as much adding he’ll give one last look.

At Rick’s office, he’s all ready to write a check out to Nina and stops to explain these little carved figures that Elliot is looking at. Mel pops up and asks to talk to Nina alone. In the hall, she asks who Brian Dobbs is. Nina gets all teary and says it’s not what Melinda thinks. Regardless, Mel tells her to tell Rick or she will.

Delia shows up and takes Elliot to get ice cream and the remaining grown-ups have a nice little conversation. Brian Dobbs is Elliot’s real dad. They got involved right when she broke up with Rick. He stole Nina’s social security number and ran up a bunch of bills, disappearing and leaving her in financial ruin with a one-year-old child. Expecting Rick to be the same old jerkface, Nina thought he’d just throw money at her to make the problem go away but when she discovered he’d changed, she wasn’t going to go through with the con. But then she didn’t want to leave since he was so insistent and not a jerkface. Hurt, Rick tells Nina to leave.

That night at the House of Payne, Melinda helps Kate and Rick finally hash it out. Again. The get in another fight but Melinda stops them and gets to the heart of the real problem. Back when they were trying in vitro fertilization, Rick had gotten approved for a grant that would relocate him to Peru for two years. The fertility clinic called during the fight and…well, she lied about it not being able to happen. This was a great opportunity and Rick had said he didn’t want kids anyway and, before they could do anything about it she died. Kate then talks about the pain of still wanting kids and not being able to have them which really gets to Melinda.

The next day, Melinda and Delia look up what happened to Kate at the shop. A crane from a building being built fell on her car while she was taking a u-turn. She died before should could be rescued from the vehicle. I agree with them, that is not a good way to die. Nina and Elliot unexpectedly come in as the boy had taken something from Rick’s office and Nina wants Mel to return it for him. Mel says Elliot should return it in person.

Mel brings Rick to the building where Kate died so they can meet. Elliot apologizes and gives Rick a small box. In it is the protective fox carving that Rick had showed him the day before. He took it so something would be looking after them. Rick decides to let Elliot keep it and the boy gives him a great big hug and thanks. Mel stands with Kate off to the side and watches. Ricky tells Nina that he’ll pay for Elliot’s schooling anyway and she tells him thanks and gives him a kiss. She walks away to catch up to Elliot.

Mel tells Kate that she’s probably still angry because Rick kept promising there would be more time and there wasn’t any. A teary Rick apologizes to Kate for being a selfish jerk and not wanting kids so he wouldn’t have to share her. He also is sorry for not forgiving her because he wasn’t ready to let her go. And, after the standard "last kiss the loved one feels" before Kate walked into the light, Mel and Ricky hug.

Back at home, Mel sets up the place all fancy and romantic like and when Jim comes home, she tells him that she want to have a baby. They’re all happy and huggy and then there’s a knock on the door. Jim says it’s Karl – he wanted to bring by everything else he’s found on her dad. Jim says to put a bookmark in the lovey dovey stuff and goes to take a shower while Mel talks to Karl.

Standing in the door with a thin folder, Karl apologizes for not finding much. Suddenly, he shivers and writes down some numbers. Handing the folder over, Mel asks what they are but Karl doesn’t know. He doesn’t remember writing them down and it’s not in his handwriting. Dum dum dum!

  • For a filler-type episode, this one was pretty enjoyable. At least it wasn’t a Ghost of the Week.
  • The argument between Rick and Kate was very well done. It’s always entertaining when actors have to fight with nothing. Well played Jay Mohr, well played.
  • Will this baby thing be a central plot point next season? It kind of seems like it will be.
  • Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything but…I kind of have to. What happened to Nikki Cox? I find her so enjoyable but she looks so different now. And she needs to eat a few things. And then just sit there and not do anything that’s not involuntary so the food can situate itself. Because I worry.
  • Right before the coffee argument, Melinda is talking to Zach the online ghost who finally sees The Light, and it happens to be inside a Saturn. Oh, very clever Cross-Promotions Department.
  • Favorite Quote: "The scientist in me is intrigued but the human has hair standing up in places I didn’t know I had hair." – Rick when Kate starts haunting him at home

So what do you think those numbers are? I couldn’t quite tell – a phone number? Social Security? Maybe map coordinates? Did you like seeing the softer side of Rick? Any other thoughts about the episode?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks