Jenniferlovehewitt_ghostwhisperer_2 Halloween and the Ghost Whisperer… it’s like chocolate and peanut butter. It goes hand in hand! Time to turn off the porch light and ignore the yells from the kids outside. But is tonight’s Ghost Whisperer a trick or a treat?

What’s that behind you? Spoilers!  Aiiieeee!

Ned is playing tennis with the new girl in school, Olivia. There’s a brief run-in with Diana, a rather snotty girl, and moments later, Diana collapses. At the hospital, there seems to be some confusion or weirdness between Diana and Olivia, and their moms, who both arrive moments later. One of the ER nurses pointed asks if Diana is "Diana Morrison"and looks shaken when the EMT confirms it is.

Unfortunately, Diana dies. After calling her time of death, the guilty nurse tucks a paper into her pocket as she leaves the ER. Diana’s mom freaks out, with Diana looking over her. Olivia tries to say something to her, but her mom leads her away, but then Olivia follows them, leaving her own mom alone. Very confusing.

Melinda happens to be at the hospital for all this because she’s finding out that she’s (sigh) not pregnant. Well, she was… but she’s not anymore. The doctor wants to run some tests to make sure everything is ok, and Melinda and Jim are justifiably worried and upset.

The next morning, Melinda talks it all over with Delia. She tells Melinda that Diana and her mom, Cynthia, were very popular with all the kids… except Olivia and her mom, it seems. They were always kept at a distance. Meanwhile, at her house, a troubled Olivia is looking at a memorial website for Diana, when crazy ghostly things start happening and her computer freaks out. Hooray, a ghostly Ghost Whisperer computer moment! Later, at Cynthia’s house, people are paying their respects. Eli and Ned are there reviewing the situation when Olivia shows up, and Cynthia’s mom turns away from her. Eli, in therapist mode, approaches. Olivia has a picture of herself and Diana from when they were children, from Olivia’s first time living in Grandview. Olivia explains to Ned and Eli that the girls had been best friends, and their moms were too, until a big falling out, and Olivia’s family moved away. Olivia tried writing her, but Diana didn’t respond. Minutes later, Olivia sees her dad in front of the house, comforting Cynthia. Confused, Olivia leaves.

Eli heads to Melinda’s to fill her in on the situation – two best friends who have a falling out, separate their kids, never talk again? Eli immediately thinks there was an affair on the part of Olivia’s dad and Cynthia. Melinda says that doesn’t explain why Diana followed Olivia home instead of her own mom unless she somehow knew of an affair. Melinda thinks that maybe Olivia’s dad was her dad too… and that Olivia’s father was the man who ruined everything for Cynthia and Diana when he left town. Big jump, but ok, maybe…

Later that night, Olivia talks to her dad about Diana, and asks him what happened between her mom and Cynthia, and during their conversation, the noises in the house start again. They head up to the attic, and almost get taken out by a trunk thrown at both their heads. The trunk slams against the wall and spills open, full of old family photos. The attic door then slams shut.

The next morning, Ned and Melinda come over to Olivia’s, who tells them that the pictures from the trunk keep showing back up after being put away, and that she thinks it’s Diana, but no one believes her. Melinda, however does. She explains that she saw Diana follow her home from the hospital. The photos always reappear lined up, in a very specific way – pictures of her parents at the wedding through until Olivia’s childhood. Also, a phonecall from the hospital keeps coming through, but the woman’s voice on the other end is always drowned out by a screeching sound.

Melinda heads to the hospital to find Guilty Nurse, or Dorothy Perry. Melinda finds her wrestling a locked door as a copier machine freaks out behind her. She bolts from Melinda, and falls down a flight of stairs, blacking out. Melinda sees Diana’s ghost behind her, still looking snotty. Jim comes over to tell Melinda that Dorothy got worked over pretty well, and Melinda tells him that Dorothy kept trying to call Olivia’s house to tell them something. She has to know something about Diana. Jim, looking to get fired, I guess, lets Melinda into the hospital records room. There, they find Diana’s records, and realize the blood type on her birth certificate doesn’t match her blood type from an earlier surgery she had a child.

Later, Melinda sees Diana outside of Dorothy’s door. She tells Diana that Dorothy was trying to do the right thing, no matter what she was doing. Diana says she followed Dorothy to the records room the day she died, and saw the blood type discrepancy. Diana says that Olivia and she had been switched at birth – and that it was Dorothy’s fault. She’d been there when Olivia and Diana were born. Diana doesn’t want Olivia’s family to know about the switch though. She, instead, wants Dorothy to pay for her mistake.

When Dorothy wakes up, Melinda asks her about Diana Morrison, and tells her that she knows Olivia and Diana had been switched. Dorothy says that she was there when the girls were born, but she wasn’t the one who switched them. Dorothy had seen one of the other nurses confused with the babies. She said she had no proof, but she did remember the girls’ names. After Diana died, she pulled the records to confirm her gut feeling. Melinda asks why she’s so intent on telling Olivia’s parents now, after all these years. Dorothy says that the blood clot that killed Diana was a genetic condition, and the family needs to be told to be safe.

Pulled in both directions, Melinda decides to talk to Cynthia first, but Diana is there, and angry at Melinda. Melinda explains that Diana’s ghost is still earth-bound, and also everything that Dorothy knew, and Cynthia isn’t surprised. She said pretty much knew from the beginning. Diana, and Melinda, are both shocked. Cynthia explains about her relationship with Olivia’s mom, Lisa, and that even from the first day home, something felt off with Diana. She noticed the similarities, too, as she watched Olivia grow up. The tipping point came when Cynthia saw Diana’s blood type, and called Lisa to talk about what she suspected. That’s when Olivia’s family moved away. Diana lashes out at her mother, feeling unwanted, and threatens to hurt Olivia.

At Olivia’s house, the weirdness start up again. Olivia screams at Diana to stop it as she watches her family photos break all around her, and a box slides out to Diana’s feet. At that moment, Cynthia and Melinda arrive at the house, along with Lisa. They can’t find Olivia anywhere, but the box is open, and letters from Diana to Olivia are inside. Both Diana and Cynthia had written her, but Olivia’s mom had hidden them from her. They find Olivia, with Diana’s help. The truth all comes out. Lisa had been jealous of Cynthia – she thought both of the girls had loved her more. Melinda explains that Diana is there, and after making up with Olivia, and both of her moms, she heads into the light.

Davidconrad_ghostwhisperer_240 When Melinda arrives home to Jim, she tells him how scared she is about not having a child, and asks about considering adoption if the tests don’t come back good. Jim gives her some good news, and a prescription for some hormones to help things along. So, there’s still hope for a Ghost Whispering baby.

Thoughts and musings…

  • BOR-RING. Come on!  It’s freaking Halloween! We get no serious Halloween ghost story? No people under Grandview? No watcher women?  Ugh. I may have to eat some more candy to make up for this.
  • Jim is still alive. Seriously, people, I’m not trying to jinx him, and I do think the show would suffer if he was killed off. No mistake. But they’ve made so many references it during this show that eventually something is going to happen to him. I don’t want it to, though.

What about you?  Was this worth not going trick or treating for you?

Posted by:Kiley Thompson