Previously on Ghost Whisperer… Jim jumped into Sam's body and Melinda conned him into living in her garage. Sam's old girlfriend Nikki showed up and they are spending lots of time together. And now Nikki wants to move in with Melinda while she's there to see Sam. Oh dear.

Mystery of the Week
A bunch of teenagers have a bonfire and one saucy blonde goes swimming in the… marsh? It looks like a marsh. While in the water, there are some great underwater shots of her kicking feet and then something drags her under while scary music plays. It's no Chrissy from Jaws, y'all. The thing that pulled her under appears to be a dead body/ghost.

Melinda and Eli check out the lake because the girl who swam in the lake (Paula) is his student. Melinda sees many ghosts, including a bride in her wedding dress and an old woman in a bathrobe. Creepy. One in particular is a 50-something man who responds to his name, Edwin. He also happens to be Paula's father.

When Eli and Melinda do some research, they find out Edwin died at the hospital and not the lake. But Eli's scientist friend says the water contains the same bacteria as standing water after Hurricane Katrina that had bodies in it. So the bodies are still in the lake. But if Edwin didn't die in the lake, how did he get there?

The police dredge the lake and find multiple bodies TIED to the bottom of the lake with rope. There are 8 victims so far and Melinda can see them watching the bodies being found. Edwin tells her the ghosts from the pond want to protect the living. What from? DUN DUN DUN.

Eli goes to see his student who swam in the lake. She's been advised to start on antibiotics and she's freaking out about the bodies she's seen on TV. Eli tells her they saw her father's body at the lake and she says no, because he was cremated and she has the ashes in an urn on the mantle. So Melinda checks out the funeral home.

There, she finds more spirits, who lead her to the oven room. Edwin tells her he wanted to be cremated and he was instead dumped in the lake. He's upset because his family will have to go through their loss all over again. When Melinda says she can help him and he can pass on, he says they aren't going anywhere because there's someone to finish. Then the lights go out. Spooky.

Melinda goes to see the man who ran the funeral home. He's a very elderly man named Carl, who is riddled with cancer. All the spirits are there, watching him. He said he had no choice. The big chains ran him out of business, so when the furnace broke he stopped cremating people. The spirits are getting restless and circling Carl like sharks. Melinda asks for the names of all the victims and eventually gets names from the funeral home.

Carl passes away that night and his ghost ends up at the pond, being tormented and stalked by the ghosts of his victims. He begs for forgiveness as they close in around him. It's scary.

Paula and her mother go to see Eli the next morning. When Edwin died, his daughter had to identify his body instead of his wife because she couldn't handle it. They talk about his spirit not being able to move on. Paula and her mother want to help him cross over.

That night, Melinda starts to rot in her reflection in the mirror. Carl's spirit is in her room, mad that he wasn't forgiven. Carl says there are others besides the lake ghosts. He says they warned her but she didn't listen and something she cherished was lost. They say she believes in things that aren't right and that those things might hurt others or her.

Melinda goes to the lake. The others tell her that fate took Jim away, not them. They tell her that each person makes the choice to cross over and that all the lake spirits and Carl saw themselves reflected in the light and didn't feel worth, so they stayed back. Carl has joined the others so he can stay Earth-bound and help the living. He asks her to fix his wrongs by taking away the shame of the lake ghosts.

Edwin's wife and daughter host a vigil at the town gazebo. All the lake ghosts come and achieve peace as their loved ones say goodbye. Jim is there and so is Melinda and all the ghosts go into the light.

There are always two factors to the Mystery of the Week:  creepiness and schmaltziness. I give this one an A for creepiness and a C+ for schmaltziness. Could've been done better.

Melinda & Jim

I have to say, I do not like Teri Polo's hair so platinum. She's a

pretty blonde woman, but the super-bleached hair is not good. It makes

her look haggard and old and a little trampy.

Eli meets with Sam for a past-life therapy session. Sam says his

subconscious is telling him he wants to get married, but he has

apparently jerked Nikki around for 10 years. Is this Jim budging in on

Sam's head?

Sam comes to Melinda for advice (ouch) and she tells him not to listen

to what everyone else says. He should just listen to what his head

tells him. He says he can't pretend to be someone he's not.

Sam and Nikki go out on a date and Delia advises Melinda to "get into

the game." Melinda jokes that she can't throw on a bikini and

mud-wrestle Nikki for Jim/Sam. Yeah, save that for February sweeps. Woo

woo. Melinda doesn't think there is anything she can do to get him to

remember her or choose her. She just has to have faith that he'll come


Nikki comes to see Melinda at the store to talk about Sam. Nikki tells

Melinda that it's weird Sam is staying in her garage and feels like

this is a whole new Sam. She doesn't want to let him go and she wants

to know what Melinda has to do with all this. Melinda tells her to ask


When she gets home that night, she sees Nikki and Sam going into the

garage together. The next morning, Sam tells Melinda that Nikki is

staying at a hotel now. Melinda asks him what he's going to do and he

says that Nikki is comfortable to him. He feels like he should take a

chance on Nikki and Melinda stops him, saying he can do better than

"comfortable." She tells him to hold out for more, but he says that's

easy for her to say because she had more with Jim.

Before Nikki leaves, she wants to talk to Melinda. She can't believe

how changed Sam is and that she has Melinda to thank for Sam being the

man she always wanted. They make us think that Nikki and Sam are

leaving together, but they aren't. Sam is holding out for more than


Sam then approaches Melinda and they stand in the front yard staring at each other as we fade to black.

What did you guys think? Good guest role for Teri Polo? I am getting a little tired of the Sam/Jim yo-yo and hope that February Sweeps at least gets the ball rolling

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