Everyone knows that the images on weather-report green screens aren’t real, right? Understanding this is necessary in order to watch a monster-sized spider attack an unfortunate weather reporter in the middle of her broadcast.

If you can remember that none of this is entirely real, the video is hilarious. If you can’t, enjoy the nightmares.

The giant arachnid attacked during a report from Kristi Gordon of Vancouver’s Global TV station. Only a few seconds into the broadcast, a large and recognizable shape inches into the frame just above Kristi’s head. It takes only a moment for the skilled reporter — who surely knows that mega-spider is nothing to worry about — to shout and duck for cover.

Oddly, Kristi Gordon’s fear seems to make her disappear off to the edge of the screen. Whatever trick of virtual-image technology causes that effect, it just makes the creepy factor increase even more in this video.

After weatherperson Gordon’s freak-out, her co-workers pause in their laughter long enough to assure Kristi that the huge spider poses no real danger. “Kristi, it’s not in the room. It’s okay!” one voice calls out. Gordon does manage to pull herself together after that, and we can assume that she continues her weather report without further mutant-spider incident.

But seriously, can you blame Kristi Gordon for this reaction?

Posted by:Laurel Brown