giant squid eating whale daily telegraph Giant squid eaten by a blue shark caught on video off the coast of AustraliaVideo of a blue shark eating a rare giant squid off the coast of Australia has been captured. Think about this next time you’re out in a boat. A fishing writer from Australia captured the corpse of the squid being eaten by an 8-foot long blue shark on video, giving people nightmares all over the world.

The squid was almost 10 feet long. Al McGlashan, told Australia’s Telegraph newspaper that he believed the squid had died not long before they found it.

“Most giant squid remains are smelly and rotten and just off-white by the time someone finds them,” he said. “I can’t believe how mad the media has gone about the giant squid,”
McGlashan tweeted. “Interviews all day — mind u (awesome) encounter to
get on film!”

Really? He can’t believe it? Dude, your video is amazing. Also, we’re swimming again.

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