Amysherman_240Monday marked Amy Sherman-Palladino’s first appearance at press tour since her departure from Gilmore Girls following the 2005-06 season. She was there to talk about her new series, a FOX midseason comedy called The Return of Jezebel James, but a number of critics in the room also had the Gilmores on our minds.

Given that the show ended in May, and the less-than-ideal terms on which Sherman-Palladino and husband Daniel Palladino departed, we set the over-under for questions directly relating to Gilmore Girls at three.

Well, we were way off. It wasn’t until the 10th query that someone, as the questioner put it, asked "the inevitable question."

"God, how many inevitable questions [are there]?" she replied. Pause. "Yeah, I’m not a virgin."

"The end of Gilmore Girls," the questioner pressed on. "What was your reaction to it …" — it was at this point that Sherman-Palladino began singing the show’s theme song, Carole King’s "Where You Lead" — "would you ever go back and do, say, a movie that actually did wrap it up and used the line that we’ve all been told you had?"

Her response:

"Here’s the deal. I didn’t watch it because I thought — I think I just got very drunk that night and sat in the corner, and [Daniel] read in a corner, and it was very quiet. Then we went to bed. You know, I couldn’t watch it because it wasn’t going to be my ending. It wasn’t going to be what I have had in my head forever, and I was going to do something crazy, homicidal, suicidal, something with an ‘idal’ in it.

Laurengraham_alexisbledel_g"And I just figured, you know, ‘Go with God.’ I love all those people. I love that cast. You know, Lauren [Graham]’s my pal. We’ve talked about maybe sometime, you know, in the future doing a little song and dance together again, wrapping it up. I rule nothing out."

And the final line, which she’s purportedly had in mind for years?

"It was, ‘You’re adopted,’" Sherman-Palladino deadpans. "Just sell the entire series out like it’s coming out of the shower — by the way, she’s in the shower, and she says, ‘By the way, Rory, you’re adopted.’ No, that’s not the last line. Save it, just in case."

"That’s not it. Let’s be clear," Daniel Palladino noted.

The cast and crew of Gilmore Girls having gone their separate ways, it’s probably a good idea not to hold your breath awaiting the reunion movie. And maybe that’s OK — we can all conjure up our own final lines (given that ASP’s closer was supposedly four words, I’m going with "Luke, more coffee. Now!") and send Lorelai and Rory off to syndication heaven as happy as we want them to be.

Posted by:Rick Porter