gilmore girls reunion ew 'Gilmore Girls' reunion: Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel talk Stars HollowLast February, before Lauren Graham‘s “Parenthood” debuted on NBC, she reunited with her “Gilmore Girls” TV daughter Alexis Bledel for some fond (and not-so-fond) reminiscing about their seven years on the beloved dramedy.

“That kind of security, that people enjoyed the show and supported it though good times and bad, that’s really rare,” Graham said, concerned about whether “Parenthood” would meet a similar reception.

When Bledel was asked if she missed “Gilmore Girls” tiny Connecticut town (which was actually the WB backlot), she said, “No,” without much hesitation. Graham pressed her for specifics.

“Stars Hollow? Where everything is lit with fairy lights? Do we miss the town meetings? Do you miss Taylor Doose? Do you miss Luke’s coffee?”

“Those things don’t stand out to me, no,” Bledel insisted. “The people, the writing, more than anything. Those two things.”

As for those movie rumors — when this footage was shot, there had been no official discussion. “So we can’t even tell you what our imaginary or official response would be because the only person that could come from is Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and that has never come from there,” Graham said. “I haven’t heard it from her.”

Since then, Graham has stated that official talks have begun, though there’s nothing to report yet.

Catch the video below for details on Graham’s housekeeper’s obsession with “Gilmore Girls,” and pick up the latest issue of EW for more Stars Hollow dish.

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Photo: EW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie