Gina-Carano.jpgMMA fighter and star of the new film “Haywire” Gina Carano appeared on “Conan” and where she had an interesting way to describe cagefighting. She says it’s like sex. She may be a tough chick, but she was pretty nervous on the show, saying she’d rather “rather get punched in the face” than be interviewed on television.

Carano says she got into cagefighting at a time when beer was a food group for her. Her trainer told said, “Oh, baby, you’re chubby. You really need to lose some weight.” Well now. That’s certainly blunt.

When host Conan O’Brian asked her about the sex comment, Carano said, “If you think about it, it’s a very real interaction between two human
beings, and it’s like an energy. You have a real energy really, and I
have an energy, an energy that nobody else is going to share.” “Haywire” is in theaters now.

Posted by:jbusch