girl code mtv 'Girl Code': 'Awkward's' Ashley Rickards deemed 'hot' but unrecognizable by Target employee

What most straight men know about makeup you could pretty much fit on the tip of an eyeliner brush. At least the reigning opinion of the women of MTV’s “Girl Code” in tonight’s (May 7) episode.
Ashley Rickards of “Awkward” does a skit for the show’s segment “long story short” and asks a clerk at Target if the chain stocks Season 1 of her show. The clerk tells her the main character is hot, though he doesn’t recognize Rickards. Incidentally, the store does not stock it.
“Girl Code,” a spinoff of MTV2’s “Guy Code,” premiered to 1.4 million viewers. The female-driven show tackles topics about being a woman, including dating, dancing and drinking.
There’s talk of frenemies, and the law of cutting the bathroom line — besides the standard free pass of being obviously pregnant.
The show features women stand-ups, the occasional guy, actresses and musicians weighing in on various topics. 
Here’s a peek from tonight’s show.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler