girl code humor shalyah 'Girl Code': Did you hear the news? Women are funny now!

It took three seasons, but “Girl Code,” a humorous show for women, has finally done “The Humor Episode.”

You’re probably thinking that every episode of the series has been “The Humor Episode,” but you would be mistaken. This episode is specifically about never-ending argument of whether or not women are funny (they are), the question of where humor comes from (daddy issues, funny families, or insecurities and defense mechanisms?), and just how important humor is in a real relationship (very).

“Women are trending right now. Women being funny is like the new Coachella.”

May “women” forever be pronounced just as pretentiously as “Co-ah-chella” is.

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While not as blunt as “The Race Episode,” “The Humor Episode” is still pretty important. It’s honestly just in a different way. The biggest takeaway from the episode are that “laughter will carry you through the years” and that women really shouldn’t even be afraid to be funny. The “Girl Code” panel even encourages the latter, making it clear that if a woman truly finds herself to be funny, she should pursue that — going to open mics, taking improv classes, etc. “Girl Code” can’t do it all by itself after all.

Plus, you’ve got to have a sense of humor when you try camping, which is exactly what the ladies of “Girl Code” do in the next episode. It is actually rather unsuccessful, but since the argument is that women can be funny — not that camping is at all fun — it’s alright to let that one slide.

Of course, all of this talk about funny this and funny that forces the “Girl Code” panel to be put on the spot and be randomly funny on cue. It’s difficult, but there is a winner. There’s no competition:


You know why “MY WIFE!” is still funny eight years later? Because it’s about a woman. And women are inherently funny. That’s “Girl Code.”

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson