Girls-Adam-Hannah-HBO.jpgWhen HBO’s “Girls” left off last week, big revelations were hanging in the air (Adam and Hannah are now an official item, Jessa and Jeff’s tension ended in disaster, and Shoshanna smoked crack — !). But the momentum from the Bushwick warehouse party didn’t quite continue into Episode 8, “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too.” The additional depth to Adam’s life and his special brand of affection for Hannah isn’t quite as convincing as his pervy one-dimensional characterization in previous episodes.

Marnie’s (Allison Williams) stress is starting to wear her down, as she struggles to recover from her breakup with Charlie and his rapid rebound (and trip to Italy with his new squeeze). She anguishes in “being the uptight girl” and notes that “Charlie had to find someone else to go to Rome with.”

Her heartbreak is the source of most of the moderate humor in the episode: She obsessively clicks through his Facebook pics while she’s forced to overhear Hannah having sex, she walks in on Adam (Adam Driver) in various awkward moments. But whereas it seemed last week that the Marnie vs. Adam dynamic promised to bring tons of laughs and drama, it now appears that Hannah is damaging her relationship with Marnie all on her own.

Marnie even lets the criticism fly out in the open to Jessa, mocking everything from how bizarre Adam is to Hannah’s “greasy” forehead and small breasts. Jessa and Marnie’s heart to heart brings their friendship into new territory and reveals that Marnie is well aware of her high-strung flaws.

Which leads into the episode’s most unnecessary moment: The lesbian makeout scene. Yes, it’s terrific to see Marnie let loose, but this scene was squirm-worthy — from the venture capitalist d-bag (Chris O’Dowd of “Bridesmaids”) to his gentrified high rise apartment to Jessa’s bad attitude about not being the sexual fulcrum point of the evening to the terrible “mash ups” to Marnie’s sad attempt at being sexually adventurous.

Likewise, Hannah and Adam’s cutesy relationship is difficult to swallow. It’s nice to see him attempting to treat her better, but the matching long johns? The jogging, the baby pictures, the play rehearsal (ahem — tech)? While they all serve to familiarize the audience more with Adam and show his sweeter side, he’s perhaps not the best choice for Hannah (who is still delaying her larger responsibilities while she basks in a lovebird vortex).

Hannah does triumph two-fold with Adam — getting a big artsy apology from him at the end of the episode as well as influencing Adam to stick with his play. According to Marnie, she’s “never had a normal boyfriend that’s not gay,” but even with increased normalcy between Hannah and Adam, the audience is mostly still not buying it — yet.

And where is Shoshanna? After she practically stole the show last week, it’s strange to not see her at all. Fingers crossed that next week steers back into regular “Girls” goodness, laughs and shocks.

“Girls” Gag Index: “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too”

OMG Moment: Adam peeing on Hannah (and not comprehending why she’s so horrified).
Moment of Truth: Jessa telling Marnie that she looks “really gorgeous” without all the makeup and party tops. She might be weary, but she does look stunning.
Yuckiest Moment: The venture capitalist’s “I want to be part of the group” tantrum. Yuck!
OK, Enough Adam Moment: The monologue about being a horned up teenager. It’s “great” to see that he’s always been a sexual deviant.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady