adam driver lena dunham girls season 3 episode 2 recap hbo 'Girls' Season 3, episode 4   'Dead Inside': Death reminds us that Hannah is a bit of a monster

Did anyone really expect Hannah to handle that death any differently?

On Sunday’s (Jan. 26) episode of “Girls,” appropriately titled “Dead Inside,” Ms. Horvath (Lena Dunham) was forced to deal with the untimely death of her editor, David Pressler-Goings. Naturally, she made the situation all about herself.

The episode opened with Hannah late for a meeting with David (played by John Cameron Mitchell, last seen going insane at her birthday party), only she’s not the latest one. David hadn’t been seen yet. As she awaits his arrival, the office quickly begins to lose its mind as word of David’s death spreads. First worried that it’s not safe to be in the building, Hannah overhears the receptionist tell someone else the man was found dead.

With a fear that her literary future rests face down in the Hudson River with David, Hannah spirals into a shameful bit of narcissism. First with Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Adam (Adam Driver), where she finds herself incapable of thinking about anything but her book — and not, you know, the loss of a friend and mentor. Then, she attempts to use her faux grief to get out of work with Ray (Alex Karpovsky).

Side note: His withering cutdown aimed at her was pretty perfect. “Hannah, why don’t you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat-free muffin of sociopathic detachment? See how it tastes.”

But her inability to feel any sort of loss reaches new heights (or is it the greatest low?) when she turns Caroline’s (Gaby Hoffman) fake story about a sick cousin into her own reason for Adam as to why she’s finding it hard to process David’s death.

Caroline’s assessment of Hannah perhaps says it best: “I made it up and you didn’t even shed a tear. Your little brow didn’t even furrow. That is so f***ed up. What is wrong with you?!”

This can’t be good for Hannah. Surely, Adam’s going to make mention of the story to Caroline, who will absolutely rat her out. Couple that with the brief talk about bipolar meds numbing her to the world, Hannah’s got some dark times ahead, doesn’t she?

Spare Parts:

– Jessa’s storyline, discovering a once-thought-dead friend is, in fact, alive, was rather slight. That said, it continued this season’s takedown of Jessa. I mean, someone actually faked her death to get away from her toxic enabling.

– Marnie’s (Allison Williams) freakout on Ray over that silly music video from last week was ridiculous, but the way he handled her was rather perfect. This exchange for the win:

Marnie: “Do you know what kind of work I am qualified to do out in the world?”
Ray: “No idea whatsoever.”
M: “The kind of people that want me?”
R: “Why don’t you clue us in? We don’t have the faintest clue.”

– Who’s worse: Caroline in her obvious insanity or Hannah in her awful rationalization of her monster behavior?

Posted by:Billy Nilles